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Plant based food supplement with purifying, detoxifying and draining functions

for deep cleansing of your organism

The liver performs a variety of functions that are vital to our bodies. During very stressful periods, when we don’t eat well or take medicine it is important to look after it. Such as, eliminating harmful substances that have accumulated inside. IMOpro DETODRAIN is a food supplement containing Dandelion, Artichoke and Milk Thistle, known for their purifying, draining and antioxidant properties. IMOpro DETODRAIN naturally aids in eliminating toxins, helping the body to restore its physiological balance and providing invaluable support to the liver and digestive system. IMOpro DETODRAIN is gluten free, naturally lactose free and has no added sugars – suitable for the whole family!


natural ingredients

and draining actions


Gluten &
Lactose Free

Medicinal plants

Nature provides us with what we need to take care of our bodies. Medicinal plants have such active ingredients that can alleviate disorders caused by bad eating habits, stress and negative external stimuli. Harnessing these plant benefits means respecting the natural balance of our bodies. The synergistic actions of Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Pineapple, Chicory and Ginger makes IMOpro DETODRAIN a valuable ally in supporting the well-being of the liver and digestive system.

Cold extraction

IMOpro DETODRAIN originates from a gentle, modern production process. Thanks to this cold extraction technique, all the active ingredients contained in the medicinal plants and fresh vegetables are preserved intact. Their phytocomplex remains unaltered, along with colour, aroma and taste. As well as treating the raw material delicately, this technique allows the immediate and total recovery of the plants’ water: an organic water containing all the plant’s memory and properties.


Dandelion, Artichoke and Milk Thistle based food supplement supporting the body's detoxifying, purifying and draining capacities, designed to help it get rid of toxins. Enriched with Pineapple, Chicory and Ginger, IMOpro DETODRAIN is gluten free and naturally lactose free, with no added sugars hence well tolerated by everyone. It contains no sweeteners or colourings. It is suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets.


The box contains a 200 ml bottle: take 10-20 ml per day, diluted in a glass of water.

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From nature,
your digestion allies

Natura IMOpro nature


Dandelion is a plant known to aid digestion, regulate bile flow and stimulate diuresis. As scientific literature shows, the purifying function of Dandelion helps to detoxify and purify the body's organs, especially during seasonal changes.1,2

Cardo Mariano IMOpro nature

Milk thistle

Due to its antihepatotoxic and anti-inflammatory properties, which has been common knowledge since antiquity and proven in scientific literature, Milk thistle is used in cases of organic and functional liver disease, including as an antidote after mushroom poisoning.3,4

Carciofo IMOpro nature


Artichoke is a plant with many properties: it is antioxidant, hepatoprotective, choleretic and cholagogue. As illustrated in scientific literature, Artichoke is used in particular to treat digestive disorders and to support hepatobiliary function.5

Ananas IMOpro nature

Pineapple Chicory and Ginger

As the literature suggests, Pineapple aids diuresis by combating water retention, helps assimilate proteins and has antioxidant properties. Chicory aids digestion and has cooling effects, while Ginger helps eliminate impurities and soothes gastric upsets.5,6,7,8,9

Studies References

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IMOpro supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. If in doubt, please consult your doctor and/or pharmacist.