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Pro & pre-biotics based food supplement supporting women's gastrointestinal and urogenital wellbeing

supporting urogenital tract balance

The vagina contains different types of lactobacilli, in highly elevated concentrations. These microorganisms are essential in maintaining the right balance between good and bad bacteria within the vaginal microflora. This is a fragile balance, challenged by many factors such as hygiene and hormonal changes. The risk of infections such as vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and urinary infections increases when the bacterial balance is disrupted. IMOpro Donna is a food supplement containing pro & pre-biotics designed to help balance the vaginal flora. It contains 10 billion live probiotics of human origin, Vitamin B6, Selenium, Blackberry and Inulin. IMOpro Donna can be an invaluable support in aiding gastrointestinal and urogenital tract wellbeing when bacterial imbalance occurs¹.

IMOpro nature

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Probiotics are live microorganisms , mainly bacteria similar to the good microbes naturally found in the urogenital tract. Their name derives from the Latin prefix 'pro', meaning 'for', and the Greek word 'bios', meaning ‘life’. Billions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi live in the urogenital tract, forming what is commonly named vaginal microbiota. The microbiota and the urogenital tract function in a symbiotic relationship, but any disruption to this balance can increase the risk of infection. /strong>IMOpro Donna contains 10 billion live probiotics of human origin supporting the balance of the vaginal microbiota.

Prebiotics promote growth and provide essential nutrients to bacteria helping stimulate probiotic microflora growth. They cannot be digested by the human gut and are naturally found in many food sources, including bananas, honey, flour, garlic, onions and leeks. In order for it to perform its beneficial actions, a Probiotic needs to be peered with Prebiotics. Fibres contained in Blackberry and Inulin are the two prebiotics that make IMOpro Donna a symbiotic supplement, a synergistic mix of probiotics and prebiotics designed to support the wellbeing of the intestinal and urogenital tracts.


Pro & Pre-biotics based food supplement designed to aid the balance of the intestinal and urogenital tract in women. In addition to Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus reuteri, it contains Inulin, Vitamin B6, Selenium and Blackberry. IMOpro Donna is gluten & lactose free, thus well tolerated. It does not contain preservatives, talc nor titanium dioxide.

The box contains 30 capsules. Store at 2-8°C. If stored at room temperature, it will last for up to one month.

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IMOpro nature


Scientific literature shows that Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic, i.e. a gut-friendly microorganism that inhibits the production of other microorganisms, whilst also helping to eliminate toxins. It has the ability to convert sugars into lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, substances that inhibit the growth of unwanted microbes2.

IMOpro nature

Lactobacillus reuteri

Scientific studies indicates that Lactobacillus reuteri is a probiotic that is able to pass unharmed through the gastric tract into the small intestine, where it has beneficial effects. It is capable of producing a broad-spectrum antibiotic substance called 'reuterin', inhibiting gastrointestinal tract pathogenic bacteria growth, providing protective effects on the body3.

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Inulin is a poorly soluble fibre found in chicory. Scientific literature illustrates that Inulin nourishes and promotes good bacteria growth in the intestine, which is positive for the digestive system.4.

Natura - IMOpro nature


Scientific literature shows that blackberry - rich in vitamin C&E and minerals5 - has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, contributing to normal urinary tract function.5.

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